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Monthly Plans

    • 25 GB Storage Space
    • Vcores 1
    • 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 512 MB Ram
    • Data Centre France
    • VPS Control Panel
    • RuTorrent


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Monthly Plans

    • 50 GB Storage Space
    • 300 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Vcores 2
    • 2048 MB Ram
    • Data Centre France
    • VPS Control Panel
    • RuTorrent


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Monthly Plans

    • 400 GB Storage Space
    • 800 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Vcores 4
    • 4096 MB Ram
    • Data Centre France
    • VPS Control Panel
    • RuTorrent


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What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a personal server where you can download torrents on a super fast connection, store them, then when you're ready download them to your personal computer at maximum speeds. Also known as torrent hosting, you can download and seed using our affordable seed boxes as long as the content is legal! Download the files via FTP, to or from your own computer. Save your personal bandwidth and let our torrent hosting do the work! All servers are running on 100mbit lines, and our offshore seed box packages include access to your own exclusive running copy of pre-setup ruTorrent, dedicated hard drive space for your torrents, and an FTP account to manage and transfer your files.

-> These plans come preinstalled with rutorrent, sFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPs and does have Shell access provided.
-> If you hit your bandwidth, you will be limited to 5Mbps of upload speed.

Shell Access

All VPS seedboxes come with root shell access.

How many users per server?

What really matters is how many users we put per hard disk. Although it depends on the plans, we never put more than 5 users per hard disk.

Do you allow public trackers?

No, we do allow public trackers. There are no restrictions of any kind in using private trackers.


Setup time is 1 hour to 48 hour depending on stock levels , you will get the seedbox details after your account has been valatated by us.


We have major bittorrent clients: rTorrent/ruTorrent, Deluge and Transmission. You can connect using web browser or thin-client

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts on long term payments, please see our pricing when ordering.


If you have SSH or FTP access in your old seedbox, we will move your all data to your new seedbox at no extra cost. However you should buy the seedbox atleast 3-5days before your old seedbox expires, so we do get enough time to move your data completely.

Server Locations

We do offer seedboxes from one location: France. More locations will be coming soon. The only difference in the server's location are the transfer speeds that you will receive when downloading your data from the server.

Have any other Questions?

If you have questions, please contact usand we will get back to you shortly.

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